Befriend - in order to help the homeless individuals situation, we must get involved in their lives and follow up when they have made a decision to change their circumstance.
Evaluate - as we have befriended the homeless individual, we can evaluate in order to help their specific need.
Elevate - the cycle of homelessness needs to be broken. Often the homeless individual gets out of the hospital, a sobriety program or even jail and they go back to what they know and the people (so called friends) and are back to the same place and situation and the cycle continues.
Rehabilitate - not all homeless situations are the same, so they must be directed to the help/resource they need to bring them out of homelessness.
The Potter's Work gives hope and direction... a life with God.
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Solving homelessness is not something one person, one church or even one ministry is able to accomplish, but if we come together, under God's direction He will show favor to one soul at a time.