Inception of the Potter's Work


For 2 years while going through the School of Ministry and 5 years

after I taught the bible to and ministered to shut-ins.  I have been

working as a taxi driver for the last 8 years to put bread on the table

waiting on God to show me the next step... 


Driving throughout Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties God has shown me the magnitude of homelessness and seeing first hand this epidemic growing throughout our civic centers, under freeways and along side the Santa Ana Riverbed, I can do nothing but listen to God and His plan.  He is the Potter, I am the clay and He is molding me and shaping me and this ministry. 


I have been involved with many ministries and churches, helping others from un-born children, expecting mothers, fatherless boys, lost adolescents, and seniors at the last stages of their life, so I see the importance of all these ministries and the good works that are done through them.  That being said, The Potter's Work, partnering with Christian ministries and churches, offer their base of supporters the opportunity to donate an automobile, RV, motorcycle or even a home and the proceeds used to continue the Good Work being done in Christs name.

By God's grace I will help raise money by selling vehicles that have been fixed by homeless individuals which have been taken off the street or out of a homeless camp, taught a skill in the automobile industry, DMV or auction businesses and mentored too.  A portion of the money raised will go back to the Potter's Work to continue the good work, working toward a solution to the homeless epidemic throughout our country starting in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.




Telephone:                    9 4 9 . 8 7 3 . 7 3 1 8

Telephone & Text:        7 1 4 . 9 1 4 . 0 6 1 7