Benefiting Non-profits and the Homeless

People donate automobiles, a large percentage of the net proceeds go to the the charity of your choosing* and the remainder too the Potter's Work - Homeless re-Entry Program.           (714) 914-0617   (949) 873-7318

  1. This non-profit - 501(c)3 used as an instrument to help other non-profits/ministries liquidate automobiles, motorcycles, boats and homes with the majority of the net proceeds collected used to help fund the good work done though them, in the name of Christ.

  2. The core ministry is THE HOMELESS re-ENTRY PROGRAM giving the displaced individual the opportunity to get back on their way with an outlook that God cares for them and has a purpose for their life, with the ultimate goal of leading men and women to the salvation, God provides through faith in His son Jesus Christ, with the emphasis on the most valuable message of repentance as a means too their salvation.

* donor can choose from vetted charities who are delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or are doing good work.