This girl is ready to graduate and is doing great she's going to go far!  She has goals she has a future We are so proud of Daisy R.


Daisy was a youngster on the riverbed, barely turning 14 a IV drug user, alone and lost, but God intervened and she beat the odds!  


She was prayed for everyday, “How could you let something like this go on or happen, God please help!" Many wrestled with this for many years.  Many times hearts were broken and faith shaken.  God used people in her life and now  in His perfect timing, He has answered and has big plans for Daisy R.

Daisy R is barely 18 years old and she was about to have another baby.  She has been drug-free for over a year and has completed her programs.


Monday she will be getting her own apartment. Daisy has nothing and The Potter’s Work has come alongside to help her furnish an apartment with furniture, pots pans, etc.

We thank God and want Him to be a light in her life.