The Gospel is the free gift God has given to all Christians and we are commanded to give what has freely been given to us, out to the rest of the world (even those in your circle of friends, family and co-workers.)  But for some it is hard to get past the uncomfortable feeling or the awkwardness of a spiritual conversation with people who have not been born again and regenerated.

It's even harder to talk to those  within our circle who say they are Christians and you know they are not because of their lifestyle (drugs, alcohol, or their live-in situation) they aren't living a repentant or a 1st John 3:1-10 life. 

We can spread the Gospel in a non-confrontational way, in a loving, kind and gentle way.  That is the calling for "Hey, before you go . . . "

to do just that, give people we know and love, the Gospel (the good news) of salvation through Jesus Christ our LORD!

Make a video on your phone (at you leisure) or have someone help you (could be one of us) and we will send it through our website at a date you specify with love and prayer. 


vicki zoradi's

Story Part 1