Car being donated from our partner The Dream Center.  Net proceeds going toward fulfilling our goals dealing with the homeless and a portion to be added for The Potter's Work to aquire afacility used to store cars and minister to the homeless.


The vehicles are donated to The Potter's Work and we are not privy to any history other then what the donor may disclose.  The vehicles are sold "As Is" without warranty.

2004 Nissan Quest

  • Monies going the Good Works being done at the Sheep Fold - providing hope and refuge for women and childen in Jesus name.


    The Potters Work - re-Entry Program is a earthen-vessel* used to mold, re-shaping the thinking and train the homeless individual in one or more of the many aspects of the automobile and auction industries (mechanics, paint, body, detailing, DMV, clerk, spotter, etc) so they can take that/those skills they have learned and re-enter society as a productive member.


    Secondly we're a non-profit organization, liquidating vehicles to raise money for worth while charities.  Some of the recent charities that have received funds from The Potter's Work are St. Judes Cancer Rearch, Options - a Women's Care Center, The Dream Center, Los Angeles, Illumination Foundation, Orange County Rescue Mission, Focal Point Ministry to name a few.